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Choose your subscription plan

Yes, we understand you would want to test our products at first. We don’t impose unaffordable and impractical packages deals on our clients. Your full consent and satisfaction is what we strive for. Go through our monthly subscriptions and feel free to contact us for further queries.

  • Box 1- Relax - $35 one wick candle
  • Box 2- Breathe -$40 two wick candle
  • Box 3-Exhale - $45 three wick candle

We deliver your packages on time and handle each shipment with vigilant care. Good news! Get your monthly deal at your doorstep with swift services and no delivery charges.

Abundant scent preference profiles

It’s amazing when you can choose from ample fragrant candles. Each scent preference profile further has copious combinations of natural ingredients to create just the perfect fragrance for your candle!

  • Surprise Me House Choice

Get your hands on the unusual mixtures of fruits and flowers, or flowers and herbs, all well blended in one perfumed candle. Brighten up the vibe with Ty Park’s surprise me house choice candles.

  • Woody

 There is something so soothing about the fresh smell of wood, it makes you feel closer to nature, doesn’t it? Complement your house interiors with the ultimate Ty Park’s woodsy candles.

  • Spicy

You like a peppy and sprightly home atmosphere, just like your own personality. Sporty and lively. But why not make your home smell the same way? Ty Park’s spicy scented candles ignite that energy around you!

  • Fruity

Keep it soft, sweet and fresh. Just like your bubbly nature, adorn your house atmosphere with delicious fruity scented candles. Ty Park loves experimenting with tangy, citric and divine fruit scents!

  • Floral

Give your house the warmth and hospitality every guest would love. Show your visitors that you are the most welcoming hosts. Light up your house with a flowery gentle aura of Ty Park’s floral scented candles. 

  • Citrus

Add that youthful spunk and fun in your otherwise dull and boring house with Ty Park’s unique citrus scented candle collection.

  • Fresh & Clean

You want to remove that bad odor from moisture and air tight rooms. We recommend our fresh and clean variety of scented candles with cleansing perfumes of mint and sandalwood. Let your house breathe fresh air.