Fragrance That Lasts

Season after season, from recreating your beloved memories to setting a
mood, we share your passion for scent. It’s what encourages us to search the
world for fresh inspiration in making reminiscent, long-lasting fragrant
candles that’ll help make your house feel like home.


My favorite scents are sassy pants and white tea and ginger! My favorite seasonal scents are merry mistletoe and pumpkin spice. I have one burning all the time in my house and everyone comments how amazing it smells!


Incredible attention to detail, patient workforce, and powerful leadership. The most kindhearted-warm experience customer to client 100% of the way through.

America's Favorite Brand of Home Décor Luxury Candles

Our home décor candles are carefully hand poured to compliment and add
to your overall décor. Each candle has a pleasing, long-lasting fragrance that
can uplift your mood within seconds. We only use premium quality products that
are 100% made in the USA.