Custom Private Label

Benefit your brand by customized labels

Not many home décor brands allow you to experiment with your personal choices and preferences. We, at Ty Park like to involve you in our creations profoundly!

We aim to bring your innovative imagination into creation. At corporate level, we wish to see you excel, as our candles play the role of a catalyst to help you promote your brand.

Hey, it’s all up to you! Help us make your candles the way you want them - from appearance, to fragrance, from decorations to packaging.

Hand pouring artistry on special orders and wholesale

The work we do is not just our profession, but our passion. Each candle is hand poured and crafted to perfection. With the help of highly creative candle crafters and perfumers, we shape deeply scented candles.

Order a mind blowing masterpiece for your loved one, or book your personalized candles in bulk, Ty Park prepares every single candle with the finest perfumes, natural and eco-friendly materials like cotton wick and mineral wax.

Choose from 18 luscious fragrances

Ty Park produces booming and vibrant combinations of fragrances that set up the exact mood of any specific environment. Our waterlily, lavender and front porch fragrances bring out that flirtatious smirk for your perfect date night.

The Bergamot and coriander scents diffuse an enduring bath fresh atmosphere in your house, dressing rooms, wardrobes and bathrooms.

Charmed already? Go have a sneak peek at our fragrant candles and choose what fits your personality the best!

Develop your candle all the way

Ty Park invites you to exude your effervescence in the candles you wish to order. Come and join us in creating these fresh and inspiring beauties. Customize your own logo or label, promote your brand through our exclusive and captivating products. Make your candles look even more spectacular with your personalized lids, container styles, and scents.

Fascinate everyone around you with Ty Park’s captivating fragrant candles!