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Every living and working space needs furbishing with attractive accessories. Adorn your homes, shops, and offices with ravishing candle collections.

Ty Park Candles welcomes your establishment to partner with us in the quest of selling stylish and chic candle adornments. Let’s facilitate people to enhance their living spaces with Ty Park home décor scented candles in your boutiques. Together, we can patronize the trend of scented candles as home décor essentials.   

Ty Park’s scented candles not only fit right in every livable setting but also complement each space with alluring perfumes.

Sell beautiful home decor candles

Let’s shake hands and expand our horizons to spreading perfumed goodness among potential customers, you and us! Sell Ty Park’s luxury candles with your company’s logos and labels to your potential clients and let’s spread the importance of aesthetic and well scented environments.

 Unique hand-poured candles

We set off on a very creative and ambitious journey to sculpt elegant candles framed in appealing containers, stands and jars that accentuate classy beauty. The most intriguing part is our hand pouring technique for shaping candles. Display our unique candles on your shelves and sell perfection at its best.

Luxury scent

Apart from being beautifully carved and presented, Ty Park candles will draw in customers who are fond of luxurious fragrances. Have a look at the exuberant and magnificent perfumed candles. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Let’s promise something modernistic and environmentally pleasing to our customers.

Let’s be a part of transforming lifestyles and living!