Beguiling Wine Bottle Candles

Leave your customers spellbound with Ty Park scented candles placed in recycled wine bottle candle containers. Make it your winery’s staple design. Welcome your customers with booming fragrant candles. 

Transform your winery’s ambiance

Partner with Ty Park candles and give your customers a memorable experience at your winery when you welcome them in an aromatic atmosphere decorated with gorgeous candles in wine bottles having your brand labels. Wow, what a sight!

Let’s recycle and reinvent

We know that you use fine glass to design your edgy wine bottles. Well, after preserving glorious wine for years, how do you plan to treat those empty wine bottles? Want to see something artistic happen to them? Let Ty Park Candles show you. 

Just send us your used bottles, Ty Park Candles uses awesome ideas to transform old wine bottles into sleek and shiny candle containers. We recycle discarded wine bottles, reshape them into stylish containers and hand pour our exquisite fragrant candles in 18 luxurious nature-derived perfumes.

 Branding is your game

Book your recycled wine bottles for a better and extra ordinary style of branding. Decorate your interiors with our scented candles or keep a collection of complimentary giveaways for your most generous customers. Something out of the box, right?

We guarantee that this scented goodness wrapped in your wine bottles will indulge your audience for the better.

Bring something new and surprising to your customers

Together, we not only spread a positive notion of recycling expensive glass for better purposes, but this also allows your clients to experience newness. Who knew that each unwanted liquor bottle could bring such joy in people’s lives?

Want to know what’s inside?

Let us support your company through a very progressive ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ mantra. Send us your used wine bottles and let us do the magic. After chopping their top off, we polish the edges with precision and then fill the bottle’s brim with all natural soy wax using our hand pouring technique.

Let’s collaborate

Collaborate with Ty Park Candles and bring our net product into your gift shops and displays. Sell these environment-friendly products with the guarantee of waste reduction and recycling!