About Us

Our Story

 Typark Candles was founded in 2007 by a stay at home mom. She became passionate about candle making after receiving a candle making kit from her sons; Tyler and Parker.  Inspired by her sons; she named the company after them; Typark Candles was born.


Soy Blend Candles

With natural ingredients and no artificial colors, she created a unique and luxurious product. Our goal is to offer the highest quality Soy blend candles, with a wide range of scents, so that customers can create their own home fragrance experience.

America's #1 Choice for Home Decor Candles

We are passionate about crafting our products with the utmost attention to detail and quality, creating the perfect ambiance for you and your loved ones. We work with some of the finest fragrance oils available to ensure that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our candles are Hand Poured Home Décor Candles.