Hand poured candles 

Park candles have a surprise for our corporate clients. We ensure your favorite candles are completely unpolluted of harmful and toxic fumes, colorings or chemicals. They are made with 100% organic elements like flower essence and herbs. Plus, the most interesting part: We create our masterpieces by hand pouring technique. Isn’t that cool?

It’s time to give something to your fellow workers that imprints onto people’s minds instantly because it is so satisfyingly good. Tempting scents around you and your colleagues in the work space guarantee positive and efficient work environment as well. It has a charismatic effect on everyone’s mind and moods.

Try Ty Park candles in your office today and see the difference!

Make a good impression

Expand your company and make every employee feel welcomed with Ty Park’s fresh scented candles having your customized corporate labels. Use these all natural heavenly fragrances with eye-catching and theme oriented packaging in your office environment to spread positive and refreshing vibes all day long.

Great branding opportunity

Send our luxurious candles as mementos of gratitude and prospective partnerships to your potential clients. Design your company’s logo or mission statement on its vivid packaging to promote your brand’s goodwill. It’s the perfect commemoration.

Gifts for clients and employees

Your employees are your true workforce. Without a hardworking and devoted team, you can’t run an enterprise. And every individual feels pumped, motivated, and acknowledged through regular and positive appreciation, encouragement, and incentive. Prepare the most different yet stunning souvenirs for your workers with Ty Park candles. Send them home on the holiday season with a smile and contentment to return to work. 

Order at least 100 candles

Order your candle gifts for clients, employees, and co-workers in bulks. We entertain our corporate clients with a minimum order of 100 candles. Check out our prices and subscription details for better choices.